Jumat, 15 Oktober 2010

Sex Before Married / Cohabitation, Whiskey, Drug & Thief

Hello ladies & gentleman, we meet again in my new topic.

In our life, let's try to do all out of getting rid of God's forbidden. If you want to be safe in the world & paradise. On the other hand if you did what God's forbidden,God will be angry & you would be sorrowful in the world & paradise.

God's forbidden namely : sex before married, whiskey, drug & thief. Cohabitation is the first rank sin. So female must be carreful with flatter of handsome boy & on other hand, male must be careful with faltter of beautiful lady who invites you to go bed without getting married.

As well as don't drink whiskey, use drug & other addicted thing, because all things can make us drunken & you will forget who you are. So you can do something worst. You are forbidden to steal someone belonging, these are worst thing.

In this time, many our generation which its downhill moral value of effect often break the God's forbidden. The example : a lot of happened rapist case, pregnant artist outside marrying, immoral video of artist, society & artist used drug, kids drink liquor & smoking. And newly, robbing money in ATM & the bank in gross.

How having to us to be protected from that worst things ? The way is to strengthen our beliefe to God. And always think of if you do the worst matter affect to your family & your enviroment. So let's become to avoid God's forbidden & always think & also act positively.

Ok, see you in the next topic.

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