Kamis, 14 Oktober 2010

Scared Out of Death

If we talk about " Death " thats make us affraid as matter of fact. All will die.
The people who scared out of death, they don't want struggle and don't sacrifying. They worry and they are coward and nerveous because they want to safe and they are love the world.

Now, a lot of occurrence of nature which make us affraid of death. Like train collision, earthquake, floods, slide and many other which many soul float. Thats make us feel scared out of death. There is people disobey God rules and going to shaman and devil to look the way of everlasting life.

How its way to us to not affraid of death ?
The answer is we must have strong mind and always believe The God exist.

Above all, if we do something good in the world, we will safe in the world and paradise and God will be with you.

Thanks for your attention, if I get mistake I'm very sorry. See you in the next oppoturnity.

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